On Sale: Replicas of Pete Townshend’s smashed guitar

townshend-les-paulWant a guitar just like the ones Pete Townshend of The Who has smashed on stage over the last 50 years? Townshend is launching a line based on the Gibson Les Paul model he destroyed at the Boston Garden in 1976. The remnants of that shattered instrument are on display at a London museum.

Gibson is now offering 150 copies of the “Pete Townshend Gold Top ’76.” The new model comes with a ‘Break Here’ sticker on the back of the guitar near the eighth fret, where the original was broken. Gibson says the replicas have been made using the same vintage techniques as the original. townshend-smash

Here are the specs:

• Tuners: Vintage style with a twist. Precise tuning.
• Neck: The perfect combination of comfort and speed.
• Body: Walnut strip sandwiched between mahogany. 7-piece construction similar to Pete Townshend’s original guitar
• Pickups: Hot Rodded from the Deluxe’s typical two Mini-Humbuckers with the addition of a DiMarzio Super Distorsion humbucker
• Bridge: Performance and tradition
• Controls: 2 volumes, 1 tone, 1 classic toggle, 1 middle pickup blend, 1 three position toggle for the middle pickup
• Straplocks: Thumb wheel style custom straplocks

The guitar sells for just under $4,000.

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